Living in Enfield, I provide hypnotherapy and powerful coaching to client’s in London and throughout the UK. Similarly, I work with international clients online.


So, what do I really love about my work? Firstly, it’s meeting truly amazing and unique individuals. Secondly, I get to help them be free from all sorts of things, see them leave me in happiness, and living in peace.


As a nurse I have cared for and support thousands of people in every situation imaginable. I know that the human body and mind are miraculously in healing themselves. With the minimum of support, our bodies and minds can heal themselves. Even the most chronic and insidious conditions can be relieved, eased and restored.


Sometimes, life throw’s us some tough experiences. These tough times can drag us down – a long way. I get this, and I know how to turn it all around and back to being a happy life.

I have learned so many things undergoing several major career changes. One through choice, leaving my job and getting married. And another, through compulsory redundancy. In addition there are many more life experiences that have shapes my life. Today, I share the hope and opportunities these experiences presented in creating a happy life.


Without a doubt creating that happy life is amazing. It certainly helps me as a husband and father of over 20 years. Why? Because many of you will know, long term relationships are not easy. However, I have learned that understanding how we communicate, helps me solve many relationship problems. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen my bonds and commitments to my long-suffering wife.


Almost certainly being a parent is the best thing ever. I share with my clients the joy, fear, and strategies of being a father of three adult children. The same kids, but my, how different they are as babies, then toddlers, then teens and now adults. I understand asking have I done the right thing? Was it my fault? I help you answer your questions and be at peace as a parent.

Soon to be grandfather, I will add another section here over the coming years as I learn a whole lot more!!



As a contemporary married priest, and therapist, I share in the really deep questions that people ask themselves sometimes. I support clients through the confusion and pain of making difficult decisions. When one door closes, by choice or circumstance, I help them find the other door that opens into opportunity and adventure.

Most of all, I get to share the joy and excitement when clients discover that they can change how they feel about anything they choose. I get to see the happiness spread throughout their lives when they realise, they are in control and choose the meaning and purpose of their lives.


Consequently, if your behaviours, thoughts, or beliefs are holding you back from succeeding in getting what you really want: I can probably help you.

I want you to succeed. If you commit to changing, I will commit myself to help you achieve your goals.

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