Returning to London, I help make ANOTHER TWO CHILDREN.

Gradually and eventually becoming very disillusioned with life in the NHS, I enter BACK INTO FULLTIME MINISTRY. Only difference is I AM excommunicated and WORKING for an HIV charity OFFERING priestly ministry and psychological SUPPORT TO gay men and women, families and groups of people living with the virus and ALL that brings with it.

THEN what happened?

IN the middle of 2014 as a result of the global financial CRISIS and HIV no longer a sexy investment for philanthropists, I paid the final BILLS, locked the doors AND put the lights OUT OF at WORK. The charity closed.

What do I do next?

Well, I had a SET of skills, getting a job would be easy, RIGHT? Not so easy as it turned out: a qualified nurse, ordained priest, health and social care EXPERIENCE, senior and strategic management under my belt. No one wanted TO know because I had FAILED!! I couldn’t KEEP my organisation A FLOAT.

I AM a failure.


I was nearly a GREAT failure. I nearly had to sell the car, I nearly lost the house, I nearly was an alcoholic. Instead of nearly becoming GREAT I became a MAGNIFICANT failure. I began LEARNING, to rediscover my STRENGTHS, my dreams, my AMBITIONS. I set up MY OWN business and started going it alone. I discovered that failure is not a THING. It is LEARNING by another name.

I am now a learner.

Was there still SOMETHING missing?

Yes, there was. I had a home, a wife, three adult children now and a GOOD business. Not quite as HAPPY as I would like, not quiet as WEALTHY as I would like, not DOING the THINGS that I REALLY LOVE. Improving NHS policy, saving money, wasn’t enough.

So, what did I DO?

I wanted SOME THINGS THAT would HELP me consolidate MY CALLING to contemporary (really not religious at all in any way) priesthood, MY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE in therapeutic NURSING, and MY SUCCESS in people and strategic management. After SEARCHING I found Trevor Sylvester and MY road to the QUEST Institute and decided TO DO a yearlong course as SELF DEVELOPMENT.

DID it work?

I did undergo significant self-development throughout the course, after ALL THAT’S why I started the thing RIGHT? However, life BECAME MORE than BEFORE. I now make my LIVING and pay my bills by using THIS STUFF fulltime in HELPING others CHANGING and ACHIEVING what they want in life. I found MY PLATFORM that has permitted me CONSOLIDATING all my SKILLS, KNOWLEDEGE and EXPERIENCE, into BETTER SERVING people IN THE WAY I truly LOVE.

What do you do?

LIFE IS for living and loving and having fun. But how many of us get THE OPPERTUNITY to really live the life we want? TO OUTLINE in MY STORY above I have lost IDENTITY, lost INCOME and CAREER, housing, meet fear and terror, lost DIRECTION and misplaced MY DREAM and grown SIGNIFICANTLY at BEING the HUMAN of my choosing.

Having gone THROUGH these EXPEREINCES I now HELP PEOPLE define their questions, FIND their ANSWERS, be clear on WHAT THEY WANT, IDENTIFY the STRENGTHS they have, AND develop the things they lack. I help people find THEIR PATH, TO heal THIER own SOUL, lead them to FORGIVE themselves and others, shake off GUILT, and BE FREE FROM their inexplicable SHAME.

What DOES ALL this mean?

It means people I WORK WITH get to be the PEOPLE they choose to be, WHO they ARE TRULY meant to be. They get to free THEMSELVES from stuff THAT holds them back, WRITE and OWN THE FUTURE and live the life THEY WANT. They get to write, produce, DIRECT and live their own TRUE life here and now. HAPPY, FREE, LOVING and best of all; HAVING FUN while they do it.

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