Very early in life I sensed an inner call at to serve people, to help make life better. In trying to follow this call I have made many mistakes, and taken a few wrong turns. Or so I thought at the time.

In living my calling, I find my sense of worth and value. Serving others to be the best they can. That’s my unique purpose in life.

A young commis chef in a very busy kitchen, I discovered it wasn’t that type of service I was called to. Neither was selling cars. Seminary training, ordination as a priest, I discovered that main stream religion did not like my ideas of freedom of individual conscious and an individual’s right to express their spirituality however they choose. Marriage and a family called to me with a more authentic voice, and have brought much happiness and stability to my meanderings.

Qualifying and registering as a nurse, I soon discovered that the balance between the body and the soul/spirit/consciousness, is greater than anyone particular discipline is able to deal with. There is a radical conversation to be had between the physical, and non-physical aspects of being a human being in order to bring balance. However, it is up to the individual to define and express what these terms are and what the final meaning is. After all it is your balance, your life, yours and no one else’s.

My Passion

I have learned that we need to feed the soul as well as the body.  At the heart of most human problems, there is a combination of a, health-mind-soul/spirit/consciousness, imbalance. I am highly skilled in helping you explore and positively experience all aspects of your humanity. And, to feed what needs fed, and change what needs changed.

My Goals

Discovering Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I realised my platform that provides me the opportunity to meet people at their place of need. I place my skills, education, and training at their disposal: health, nursing, theology, philosophy, psychology, spirituality. 

One goal is to lead people to a place in their lives where every dream is achievable. Nothing is taboo, and nothing is too difficult to explore. At the end of all deep exploration of your mind and life, you will discover: all is lovable, and all is forgivable. And, there really wasn’t any journey, or searching, or exploration!

It really is only a thought away. You can be free, and at peace and love and be loved.