Do you ask, "What's the meaning of life?"

I help people discover their freedom, happiness, direction, clarity and purpose.

Our therapy research demonstrated our effectiveness (71% of clients improved) for treatment of anxiety and depression is greater, compared with other talk therapies, such as CBT, (42% of clients improved) used within the NHS.


WHO AM I and where do I come from? My name is Martin McManus, I’M 48 years YOUNG AND STILL figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. That’s how EXCITED I am ABOUT LIFE. I was BORN and raised in rural Scotland, sensing a vocation to the priesthood I attended minor seminary (boarding school) in Aberdeen. Although CURIOUS, between boarding school AND entering religious missionary society as A NOVICE programme in Ireland, I worked as a commis CHEF in a few hotels and restaurants. I even HAD SEVERAL STINTS as a sales man (boy). AT UNIVERSITY in London I BEGAN MY LIFE long STUDY of philosophy, theology, psychology and health.

From IDENTITY CRISIS and wanting a family gets me a dispensation from vows and MOVES ME TO Birmingham where I qualify as a nurse. I also GET MARRIED (a Brazilian beauty) AND HAVE MY FIRST CHILD and buy a Citroën 2CV. What a CHANGE!

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