What time is it?
Why is the sky blue?
Where am I?


Stop asking yourself the wrong questions, work with me and start creating a happier life, now. 

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Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Over 25 years facilitating profound healing and creating holistic balance for my clients.


I help you really focus & identify what the issue is. So, you gain clarity and direction. Then we move at your pace toward achieving your goal.


Knowing that you are really committed & ready to heal, my therapeutic techniques help you achieve what you want & live your best life.


Or whatever YOU call it. Directing your self-healing, the emphasis is on you. What I believe is not really important and only appears if you ask.

My Purpose

Is to provide you with enhanced therapeutic and coaching services helping you change your behaviours and attitudes. Helping you clarify your fundamental life purpose and direction. Using a holistic model of coaching/therapy that really involves your mental, psychological, spiritual, relational, and physical health. My practice is evidenced & researched based.

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QCH Therapist

My personal and professional life has been exceptionally varied and exciting. All my experiences, studies, training, has led me to expertise in the art of healing. Helping people, live in their bodies, following unforeseen illness or injury, trauma, dealing with discrimination and prejudice. 
I have in general worked with people who have persistent problems that they find exceptionally difficult to treat or change. No matter what your problem, experience, faith or religious tradition, cultural background, I am dedicated to your holistic healing, as defined by you. 
I choose to practice as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist, because as an evidence based modality, it really works! Although based in Enfield, North London, seeing clients online means I work throughout the UK & worldwide.


“Sometimes people come in your life and change the way you see yourself and your whole outlook. This man’s life experience and hypnotherapy had the greatest impact on me. The work that we did was life changing and the support that followed the sessions was amazing. I highly recommend Martin.”

NL - Martial Artist & Personal Trainer

“If you want to get your life back on track through a true hypnotic artist, make the call – you won’t look back – I am still gaining strengths and insights from our time together – several months later. I enthusiastically recommend Martin to both your conscious and unconscious mind!”

JB - Solicitor, London

“Martin has the most amazing heart and is full of empathy. He has a very calming aura and was able to get me out of an unhelpful belief that I was stuck in. This has completely changed my mind set and has changed my life in such a powerful way. His kind face and sense of humour really is the cherry on top! I love being in his company! Amen! X”

AK - Sales Exec

My Story

I am delighted you have landed on my page. Really and truly, I know that this journey is all about you and what you want to achieve. For you to do that, you need to know a little more about me, I get that. Please allow me to share a brief synopsis of my very full life in becoming a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist and how I can help you.

Martin McManus, Life Coach & Change Therapist