Working with me

What To Expect

This is what working with me may look like.

Step 1

Free Introductory Call

When I have your details, we can arrange a convenient time to have a conversation. This is your time to ask any questions you may have. It also gives us a chance to find out if we are suited to work together in achieving your goals. Its free.

Emaill Message

Step 2

Work With Me

After your FREE introductory call, my indepth assessment, I’ll present you with your individual coaching & treatment plan. Then you can decide to work with me. Sign the contract, pay the fee, make the date, & start.

Your Unique Plan
Martin McManus Life Coach & Change Therapist

Step 3

Individual Programme

Deciding to work together, we will follow your individual & personalised programme. As you are unique, so to is your programme. We will always evaluate our work dynamically, so are able to adapt as nesscessary.


Step 4

In Session

Sessions last between 60 & 90 minutes, and will be between 1 & 2 weeks apart for general issues. There will be a combination of you talking about your problem and the application of powerful therapeutic techniques.

Face to Face
counseling, stress, angry

Step 5

Consolidation Work

After each session I may give you home work to perform to consolidate your changes. I will also provide you with a bespoke audio recording for you to listen to daily until the next sesission. These excercises are very important.

Home Work

Step 6


At the end of our contract we will evaluate all your achievemets, and explore a follow up call at a later date. Some clients choose to contimue working on other issues that may have arisen as a result of our work together.


You may contact me during office hours anytime while we are working to gether. If I am with another client please leave a  message. Outside of office hours, please leave or send a message, in both cases I will get back to you as soon as I am able. 

You must have access to a telephone, mobile or landline, during online sessions. I must also have the number.

When we work online it is your responsibility to ensure your own privacy where you are.

All fees are payable before the programme begins. If this is difficult for you, please discuss it with me.