Have you ever wondered why somethings in life have total control over you?

Normally, we live rational and self-disciplined lives. The majority of the time we do what we have to do without thinking.

However, life throws surprises at us sometimes and we can generally meet these challenges head on. Yet somethings in our everyday lives just seem to completely take us over and we lose control.

For me it was driving. I am a mild mannered, gentle, romantic: 95% of the time! Put me behind the wheel of a car and I would become the green skinned character from a famous comic strip and movie franchise.

It seemed to me that every other driver was out to deliberately slow me down, get in my way, or just simply out to harass me. None of it true in any way what so ever! But try telling that to my unconscious mind.

I am no longer like this when I drive. At least not all the time. You see I discovered so many of these types of, out of character behaviours, all begin from a positive intention of the unconscious mind.

Crazy I know, but I think it’s true. Phobias, some anger, fears, anxiety, depression even addictive behaviours, all the things that we don’t really feel in control of.

Our unconscious mind cultivates, practices and repeats those actions, behaviours and thoughts. In the past our unconscious mind thinks it has protected us from some harm. It continues guiding us in the same negative ways even when they no longer serve. The reason is it genuinely believes it’s protecting us.

So, you see, you are correct in thinking that you are not really in control of the behaviours that you want to change. Our unconscious mind hijacks our conscious mind and has us do what we have always done in the past. Irrespective of the strength of my will power.

Knowing this means you can finally begin to change the things that you want to. We can change our perceived problems and transform them into something as light as a balloon, and gently and playfully blow them away.

Health for both mind and body come from not mourning over the past, not worrying about the future, but to live the present moment wisely. (Buddha)

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy I use the tools, words, and trance states that you use in your every day present. In this way we can bypass your unconscious mind and help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Every therapeutic programme I write and deliver is unique to each client. They are truly tailor made and bespoke.

Why? Because there is no one in all of human history, or in this present moment, or in all of our cosmic future, like you.

That’s why you deserve to have a programme that is just for you.