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  • Free Initial Discovery Session


    This is your chance to get to know me a little better, before you commit to working together.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Freedom

    This is a brief form of coaching and hypnotherapy delivered online. It is a great way to become free from smoking, to stop biting your nails, deleting phobias, or achieving any other specific goal you have in mind.

    Duration: 60 MIN

  • Happiness

    Let’s face it sometimes, things just take a little longer to deal with. The consequences of trauma, or abuse, long term anxiety or depression, these issues may take to effect lasting change.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Soul Searching


    A bespoke and comprehensive holistic programme of Soul Searching is where you create your unique purpose in life, your understanding of who you truly are and how to live that true self.

    Duration : 60 MIN