Rainbow Warriors

Who doesn’t love looking at a rainbow after the rain? Or if you’re really lucky like a friend of mine, you get to see a triple rainbow over a river.

The excitement of being near the origin of a rainbow. Asking the unconscious, absurd (yet it could be true) mythological question of I wonder if there is a pot of gold near here?


Rainbows are present everywhere in human society and probably in every culture. The Zuni of New Mexico, the Hopi, the Cherokee, the Cree. I imagine almost every indigenous grouping in the Americas have representations of the rainbow in their art and mythology.

What captured my attention about the rainbow was a Cree story and prophecy by an old woman called ‘Eyes of Fire.’

Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire prophesied because of a certain type of human beings’ greed and lack of care and respect for the earth, all the animals would die. The fish would die in dried rivers, and the earth would get sick. When these things begin to happen, a new people will emerge.

New People

New people will emerge from those who are known as the keepers of legends, stories, culture, and rituals. I presume them to be the old witches, warlocks, priests, pastors and druids. Eyes of Fire predicted that the ancient customs and knowledge, that which was out of fashion, would be needed to heal the earth. And the new people would be called, Warriors of the Rainbow. The Warriors of the Rainbow would be the key element to heal and renew and ensure mankind and earths survival.

Asking if our myths and prophecies are true or not, for me, is missing the point of the lessons they are trying to teach us.


Like a rainbow warrior, I want to learn my legends. Understand my rituals, and use all of my resources to know myself and the earth intimately. I want to use everything at my disposal to bring about a new me, before its too late.

An article I read today suggested creating a ceremony to say good-bye to a dream. Good-bye to an ambition that is dead or no longer possible to achieve. I heard myself screaming as I read, ‘No!’ A few polite people turned their heads to look at the loud, screaming guy in the corner of the popular coffee shop with free internet.


I want to save my dreams and ambitions; to rekindle my ‘Eyes of Fire’ before I have to bury them. Sitting on my rocking chair way out in my future I want to  look back over my life and say: yeah, I really lived my dreams. 

Hearing myself say, I  reclaimed my power and ambition in time to live authentically and uniquely. That’s why I made a real difference.