Working With Me

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Make Contact With Me

Reaching out to someone for help can be really frightening and sometimes scary. Whither you have something specific you want to work on, or are not sure what is holding you back; I want you to know I am here to help you. Make contact with me by phone, email or even send me a letter. Remember them?

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Introductory Call

When I have your details, we can arrange a convenient time to have a conversation. This is your time to ask any questions you may have. It also gives us a chance to find out if we are suited to work together in achieving your goals.  

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Your Programme

If we decide to work together, I will develop an individual programme for you to consider. You can expect to meet a number of times online (usually through Zoom), have some home work to do, I may set you some reading to supplement the guided work we will undertake. The programme plan will be detailed, and include the cost of your individual programme. 

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Great! How Much?

After our initial contact I will be able to assess how long we will work together. My average programmes run between 3 weeks @ £597 and 9 weeks @ £1791. I have some longer term clients who book with me as and when they feel the need. I offer subsidised plans for people working in: Emegrency Services, Armed Forces, and Front Line Health & Social Care. And, if you have been affected by Covid 19, talk with me

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Then Let's Begin

You have reached out, we arranged a time to speak, you have your planned programme outline. We have decide to start working together. All you have to do is sign the client agreement, fill in and return the getting to know you form, pay , and confirm our dates. Then, the adventure truly begins. I am excited just thinking about the possibilities open to you.