I have a particular and specialist interest in working with people seeking answers to life’s bigger questions, and in being free from feelings of inexplicable guilt, shame, unworthiness or being unlovable.

I also work in coaching people through changing habits, addictions, and psychological problems that affect work, family, social and love lives. Utilising principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP means that change can be affected fairly quickly compared to other types of coaching and therapy.

There are many claims in the arena of coaching, hypnotherapy and soul searching. Buy this product and bath in it on a full moon with silver thread in your hand ……, come to this session to achieve all your heart desires and more…….., learn the secret of instant bliss and enlightenment. And the truth is, for the people who make these claims, it may have happened that way for them.

They may have achieved the goal, dream, or change they were seeking doing exactly these things. But they are unique people. Just like you and me: equally and wonderfully unique. Sure we have lot’s in common, still, there is no-one in all of human history or its future, like you.

Your uniqueness, means that to achieve your dream, your goal, your change, the path to success is as unique as you are.

That’s why I create and deliver bespoke, individual programmes for my clients. I listen intently, reflect with them deeply, and engage in powerful and transformative work. Now, that brings lasting change, and an opportunity to write, create, direct and live a life that they have truly always sought.

My clients are just the same as you and me, fellow strugglers on the journey of life, trying to be as free, happy, loved as we can be.