We might work like this

These Are Examples

These examples are for illustration only.
Our work together will be based on your expressed and assessed need.

3 Weeks

A 3 week programme is usually best suited for single issues that can be identified and treated quickly. The results can be lasting & permanent changes.

6 Weeks

Some clients I work with for 6 weeks. Thier issues are a little more complex, or a little more deep seated. 6 weeks gives us enough time, usually, to create success.

12 weeks

Some clients, while they want to work on specific issues, also want to undertake some self development and explore thier innerself a little deeper. Great for a short sabbatical.

Martin Mcmanus, Life Coach & Change Therapist

12 months

This programme is suited for clients with: multiple issues, complex histories, profound self development, and are passionate about exploring thier deep self. We agree to work like this after 12 weeks.

Ongoing Work

Some of my clients don't want to be restricted to a time frame, and they choose to work through an ad hoc ongoing arrangement. If life is busy, or need someone to be there.

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