Why you need to work with me

Martin McManus Life Coach


There are times in life when we really don’t know what to do. Or, where to go next in our career, relationships, business, or spiritual life. We something is wrong and needs to change, but don’t know what it is. I help people find the root cause of their issues. Here is the thing; I don’t actually change anything for them. Using my expertise, I guide the inner work that creates your own changes. You create your own changes. My expertise is to help people like you. I do this by deeply listening to your, goals, wishes, and plans. I then develop a unique programme of inner work exercises, homework steps, and by prescribing therapeutic techniques.

Martin McManus Life Coach & Change Therapist

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist

As a qualified and insured Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist Master Practitioner, means I am trained in a number of therapeutic techniques like: Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - sometimes called tapping), Eye Movement Integration (EMI x), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Parts Reintegration. To name just a few. I combine this with many years’ experience and highly specialised training and expertise as a registered nurse and specialist practitioner. My training in Counselling Skills, Health Education, Health Psychology, Health Promotion, and the Management of Common Mental Health problems like anxiety and depression, all add up to a powerful therapeutic knowledge and skills base, and I offer them all to you for your success.

Martin McManus, Married Priest


Most therapists have a niche, an area of profound interest to them, and something that shapes their work. However, unless you ask, you may never know this, simply because it’s all about you not the therapist. My niche, my area of profound interest is faith and spirituality. From a very young age I have connected to what we might call the Divine. I remember what I would now call, inner conversations with it. Experiences of its warmth and encouragement. Hours in the country side of my youth exploring the trees and the Divine within. This was wonderful until I discovered religion. I understand first-hand the damage that organised religion can do sometimes to human spirituality. The rule of law can be more important than human experience. Threats of damnation and excommunication to control Spirit filled souls. Meeting others along my way, I have been exposed to many different spiritual traditions and go by this saying: ‘A person rooted in their Way, is open to all ways!’ I help people heal from the trauma, physical and psychological, that can be experienced from religious traditions, and dangerous spiritual practices.