Everything you want to know about happiness

Happiness, is a universal goal.

There are whole industries dedicated to our happiness. The biggest perhaps is marketing.

If you buy this car, wear this aftershave, you wear these clothes, and you’ll be very happy. The marketing industry plays on this universal search within the human soul/psyche, and offers an attractive solution.

Then there’s money. I remember an advert; I think from the early 1990s. A gentleman is sending money to Jamaica. And, the person behind the counter says, ‘Oh, of course money can’t buy you happiness.’ However, the little old lady, who received the money says in response, ‘but it can sure put a smile on your face.’

The Sweet Spot

There is a sweet spot, according to the research anyway, of between £46,000 and £73,000, being optimum income for happiness, and putting a smile on our face.

Happiness can be described as a combination of a high state of wellbeing, living a good life (according to our own standards), with a profound sense of purpose and meaning in life and a deep contentment.

And of course, we know the benefits of happiness; a longer life, better cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, reduced inflammatory response. And of course, our psychological and mental health, are improved a thousand-fold.

A significant number of people rank happiness higher than; increasing their wealth, having more material things, or even getting into heaven!

Early philosophers and historians, and present research, agree the foundational principle that leads to happiness is Freedom.

Freedom leads to happiness.

Some of the least happy places in the world have little or no; political freedom, financial freedom, economic freedom, gender or racial equality, freedom of sexual orientation, movement or travel. How does freedom create happiness if we have no control over these?

Remember a moment where you felt completely out of control of your thoughts or behaviours. Remember doing things that you really didn’t want to do, but you did anyway. What about times where you make the same, recurrent inappropriate choices over and over and over again.

Even when we know that these choices, attitudes, habits and behaviours result in harming us, we do them anyway. This is not an excuse, we are being hijacked by our unconscious mind. We are we living and reacting a highly embedded complex programme. When the unconscious minds recognise similarities from a past event, it hijacks us and takes control.

Unconscious protection

These negative thoughts, attitudes, behaviours, and habits, all originate from a positive intention. An unconscious positive intention that the unconscious mind thinks is going to protect us.

Understanding this, is the beginning of our exploration of our unconscious programming, resulting in our rewriting the code for ourselves.

I lead and help people to achieve freedom using a variety of techniques and targeted therapeutic interventions.

Freedom from all of these things that hold them back. From self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs, feelings of inferiority, deliberately avoiding success, always choosing to be second best, inexplicable feelings of shame or guilt.

Free to smile

I help people gain freedom in their relationships and within themselves. I help people to be free from unrealistic expectations, free to forgive. Freedom to smile and laugh more.

If you are thinking that something, is amiss, or your intuition is telling you there’s something not right: I can probably help you to reach freedom.

Remember, freedom is the foundation to being happy.