Any one or combination of our habits, or beliefs, can high jack us if the appropriate trigger is activated. We then do what we don’t want to do, or react in a way that leaves us feeling remorseful, and often feeling out of control like this poor rider.

A horse suddenly came GALLOPING QUICKLY down the road. It seemed as though the man had SOMEWHERE important to go.
Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” and the man on the horse replied,
“I don’t know! Ask the horse!” (a Zen story)

Our MIND, BODY, SOUL/SPIRIT and EXPERIENCE of ourselves, others and the world around us, are A COMMUNION OF PART’S that are presented to the world as WHO I AM. Yet, with my eyes OPEN or closed, and BREATHING steady, I AM hard pushed to find THE BEGINNING AND ENDING OF MY LIMIT’S.

Sometimes, I AM full of shame, guilt, unlovable, unworthy, these feelings filter and hide the INFINITE SPACE of colour, warmth, happiness AND JOY AT MY CORE. My capacity TO HEAL AND TO GROW are STRONGER and more INSPIRING than self-sabotaging beliefs and negative HABITS that seek to destroy me if I GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO LEAD AND DIRECT MY SOUL SEARCH.

I KNOW there is A PLACE within me OF HEALTH that waters my HAPPINESS, satisfying my need for LOVE THAT CREATES for me a circle of family and friends that will journey FREELY with me and I with them, WRITING MY UNIQUE DESTINY.