A little more about me

My beginning

I wasn’t always a Coach & Hypnotherapist, and didn’t always live in Enfield. Born and raised in Scotland, educated throughout the UK, and Ireland means, I am a true Celt. I grew up with many feelings of inexplicable guilt, shame, fear and anxiety. I never understood where most of theses negative feelings came from. But, I did know that I didn’t want them.

My confusion

In the first place, I was a religious child. Secondly, I was very curious. Given these attributes, I remember reading about being damned to hell because of sin. This had the result of confusing me for most of my early life. My experience of the inner world, and the creation around me, was very different from damnation. It meant that all was quiet, peaceful, secure, beautiful and calm.

My cathedral

Growing up with an extravagantly ornate outdoor cathedral was a privilege that seemed to belong solely to me. From time to time,  I let my friends share my cathedral. My outdoor cathedral consisted of open fields, rivers, trees, animals, wind, and rain. Which of course meant  freedom, hills, beauty, music, poetry, whisky and beer: all encased in green and aliveness.

Woodhall Estate, Monklands

All things considered, my sense of confusion between what I read and was told, and my experience, was profound. Although I intuitively and instinctively knew my experience on the inside to be correct, there was always just enough hint of doubt to hold me back. This confusion inspired me to do what I do. Ultimately, it has led me to create my purpose.

My middle bit

I spent many years in seminary as a child and adult training for ordained priesthood. Celibacy was not for me though, marriage and a family called to me with a more authentic voice. These have brought much happiness and stability to my meanderings.

Blairs, Aberdeen


Consequently, my choices of career have always been inspired to seek balance. Balance between, what I call, the body and the soul/spirit/consciousnes. There is a radical conversation to be had between the physical, and non-physical aspects of being a human being. The results of this conversation or exploration, can bring balance. However, it is up to the individual to define and express what these terms are and what the final meaning is. After all it is your balance, your life, yours and no one else’s.


So, as a priest, nurse, therapist, husband, father and grandfather, I work in a unique way. A truly holistic practitioner, at your service to help you achieve what you want.

My purpose

My purpose is to help people be free from guilt, shame, self-sabotaging, fear, anxiety, or any other self-limiting belief. Anything that holds them back from being the person they want to be is my target. Whether in career, job, or in their relationships. I help people achieve their freedom, more happiness, and create peace of mind and heart.


I have learned that we all use different words and meanings to speak about concepts that relate to the complexity of being human. We use words like mind, soul, spirit, consciousness, body. Whatever you mean by these words, or if you use other words, that’s ok.

What most of us seek is a form of balance, communion, unity, between all the different aspects that make up the whole of who I am. My passion is for people to find that balance: to heal guilt, shame, fear and anxiety . I am highly skilled in helping you explore and positively experience all aspects of your humanity. That results in you achieving what you want and being the person, you choose to be.


My passion and purpose is to help people like you to be free!

My Goals

Discovering Coaching & Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I realised my platform that provides me the opportunity to meet people at their place of need. I place my skills, education, and training at their disposal: health, nursing, theology, philosophy, counselling, psychology, spirituality. 

Maze of life

My main goal is to lead people to a place in their lives where every dream is achievable. Nothing is taboo, and nothing is too difficult to explore. At the end of all deep exploration of your mind and life, you will discover: all is lovable, and all is forgivable. And, there really wasn’t any journey, or searching, or exploration!

It really is only a thought away. You can be free, and at peace and love and be loved.