Why do some things in my life have total control over me?

Have you ever wondered why there are somethings in your life that have total control over you?
We live normally, rational and self-disciplined lives, in general. We do the things we have to do on a daily basis, and then meet the surprise challenges that live throughs at us sometimes. Yet somethings just seem to completely take us over with the slightest trigger.

Relearn to live you.

But strength and knowledge have always been my defence mechanisms to hide my true self from too much scrutiny: just in case someone else rejected me. I was never confident about being me, and never confident in my abilities. Because my defence mechanisms portrayed me as arrogant, aloof, disconnected from those around me.

Rainbow Warriors

Like a rainbow warrior, I want to learn my legends, understand my rituals, and use all of my resources to know myself and the earth intimately. I want to use everything at my disposal to bring about a new me, before its too late.