A little more about me

My Story

My introduction to the complex area of human spirituality began when studying for the priesthood.
As a priest, I specialised in working with people living with HIV. Some people identifed as gay, straight, & trans. 

That has meant in-depth exploration of the broad spectrum of human sexuality. All the while challenging faith-based discrimination and prejudice. Because of this experience I have learned that forgiveness is probably the most important human action in self-healing. And, the most difficult.

My direction changed when I got married. In order to eat and pay my bills I qualified as a nurse. Working in healthcare I learned about the complex paradox of the human body. In some ways very strong, in others very fragile, and some times an absoltute miracle. 

As a nurse I have helped people accept and live in their bodies, often following unforeseen illness or injury.

Qualifying as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist gave me a  professional platform to unite my life experience, clinical skills & knowledge to give people a truly holistic way of working.

I have experienced a lot of change in my life! Disappointments of giving up things, doing jobs I didnt really want to, being hurt, and forgiving, and being forgiven. Today, as a son, a husband, a father, & grandfather, nurse, priest, therapist: I offer you all my skills and expertease to you help you.  

What Can I Help You Change?

I help you clarify and uncover the roots of many unwanted behaviours, attitudes & unhappiness. 

I help you to change things for good.

No matter what your problem, experience, faith or religious background, I am dedicated to you healing yourself. And, I understand that to answer your questions and create permanent changes, human beings require balance of body, mind, and the something else!

The results of working with me include: self-healing at the deepest level, creating your purpose, giving direction, smiling and laughing, much more freedom to be who you are and more happiness in your relationships.

I can’t wait to meet with you and help you change what you want.

I know making the first step asking for help can be really frightening and scary.

Whether you have something specific you want to work on, or are not sure what is holding you back. I want you to know I am here to help you.

Start Healing

 Make contact with me by phone, email or even send me a letter (remember them?).