About Me

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Hi, I Am Martin McManus

In a very real way, it is not about me, it is about you. However, I do get the need for you to check me out.

So here goes, a brief synopsis of my very full life.

Chef, Car Sales, Priest, Nurse, Therapist.

I have spent the majority of my life studying, learning, and practicing some form of healing.

Studying for the priesthood, ordination and ministry, introduced me to the complex area of human spirituality.  

As a priest working in the charity sector, I specialised in working with people living with HIV. People who identify as Gay, straight, & trans and from every corner of our beautiful world. 

That has meant in-depth exploration of human sexuality, gender, and challenging faith-based discrimination and prejudice. Through this ministry I learned that forgiveness is probably the most important human action in the healing of self and others. And, the most difficult.

Changing my direction through marriage, I took up nursing to pay the bills. This introduced me to the complex paradox that is the human body: mythologically strong, miraculous and exceptionally fragile at the same time.

As a nurse I have helped people accept and live in their bodies, often following unforeseen illness or injury.

Qualifying as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist provides me the platform to bring together my life experience, clinical professional skills & knowledge to offer you a truly holistic approach to change work.

No matter what your problem, experience, faith or religious tradition, I am dedicated to you healing yourself.  And, I understand that to answer your questions and create permanent changes, human beings require unity of body, mind, and the something else!

I help you clarify and deeply experience your something else; often uncovering the roots of many unwanted behaviours, attitudes & unhappiness. This discovery helps your changes stay permanent.

The results of working with me include: self-healing at the deepest level, creating your purpose, giving direction, smiling and laughing, much more freedom to be who you are and more happiness in your relationships.

I can’t wait to meet with you and journey with you a little of your way.